Comcast and Deutsche Telekom announce net neutrality, routing number and roaming fees

The companies announced a new net neutrality plan Tuesday that allows Internet service providers (ISPs) to prioritize certain content and applications over others.

Comcast and TWC said the plan will allow consumers to access content they want without being throttled.

The companies said that they will be using a third-party company to determine the prioritization of content.

The new rules, which go into effect next month, require ISPs to treat all traffic equally, and ISPs must treat all Web traffic equally.

They will also require them to provide an opt-in for consumers to opt-out of the preferential treatment.

The company said that it will charge for priority access, but the company said it does not believe that the pricing will increase usage by consumers.

Netflix has said it supports the rules, but has said that its own service will not be impacted by them.

The rules are likely to affect more than just Netflix.

The FCC and AT&T are also reviewing net neutrality rules in an attempt to determine whether they will allow for the same level of broadband access for all.

Comcast is the largest U.S. ISP, but TWC has had problems getting access to the top tier of Internet service.

Comcast said the new net-neutrality rules will help it reach its goal of having 100 percent of the Internet delivered to homes by 2020.

AT&t and Verizon are both among the largest providers of wired broadband.

Verizon said in April that it was considering opening up more areas of its networks to Netflix, but that its plan is not yet finalized.

Comcast also said that the new rules would be a “game changer” for consumers.

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