Flooding: ‘All the lights were out’ in Dallas after power outage

DALLAS — Flooding in and around Dallas and other areas was the biggest problem the city had to deal with Friday morning, with authorities warning that the city was in danger of running out of power.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, which covers much of the Dallas-Ft.

Worth metroplex, saw some of the worst flooding seen in decades.

The city recorded more than 30 inches of rain over the past 24 hours, making it the most flooded in nearly three decades.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown said the worst affected areas include areas of north and south Dallas, including the city’s north side and portions of downtown Dallas.

Brown said it was impossible to know exactly how many homes in Dallas were without power.

“All the lighting was out, so there were a lot of people who had to walk back and forth,” Brown said.

“We’ve got to find a way to get people out of their homes and out of the area.

We have to get everybody back in their homes.

It’s been a lot.

We just don’t know what will happen.”

Dallas was expected to receive up to 25 inches of rainfall, according to the National Weather Service.

Brown called the situation a “massive and unprecedented flood.”

He said Dallas could see up to 3 feet of rain per hour.

Brown says the city will continue to monitor the situation.

“We’ll continue to get our eyes on it,” Brown told The Associated Press.

“I want to make sure that we get everything out of there.

But we’ve got no idea how many people will be out.”

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said the city is “at a standstill,” and it was “going to take some time” to restore power.

Rawlings said he’s also concerned about the flood risk posed by the Dallas River, which flows through downtown Dallas and has seen unprecedented amounts of rainfall.

“I’m very concerned that this will be the biggest flood we’ve ever had in the city of Dallas, if it’s not the biggest in decades,” Rawlings told the AP.

“The river is like a lake of water.

It just goes down and floods everything that comes down it.

We’ve never seen anything like this.”

The flood threat was exacerbated by the sudden shift to a new standard for storm surge — the area surrounding a city will experience a “flood surge” when the water rises to a height of more than 6 feet.

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