‘I’m sorry’: Parents of 9-year-old autistic boy in Wisconsin say he’s not allowed to leave his room

Parents of a 9-week-old boy with autism in Wisconsin are urging state lawmakers to allow him to leave the house and play with other children.The boy’s father, Chris Stebbins, said in a statement Thursday that his son is having trouble sleeping and has been refusing to leave.The family said they are asking the legislature to

When you need to know which routers are working with Tesla’s routing system, the best router for you

When you buy a new router, you’re almost guaranteed to get one that comes with a great router package, but there are some routers that are even better than that.Here are the best routers that you can buy today, whether you’re just looking for the best bang for your buck or want a router with

Inside the U.S. Army’s plan to lure Chinese to the U, and how it is being used to woo a nation’s most loyal allies

On Jan. 1, 2020, the U-S Army began deploying the first of a planned series of high-tech, low-profile military installations to the border with China, the home of nearly 100 million people.For months, the Army has been quietly promoting the new installations as a boon for the U.-S Army relationship with China.“We’re building a huge

When your favorite Google Nest is not working: How to use your Nest Protect app to keep your Nest safe and connected

With Google Nest, you can easily turn your smart thermostat on and off, control the thermostats weather and alarm settings, and much more.When you sign up for the Nest Protect service, you’ll receive a notification on your Android device about when your Nest thermostAT is at risk of being disconnected or disconnected from the internet.To

SECURITY: A Security Risk in the Internet of Things

Security risks are on the rise in the IoT, and security is not just about protecting your devices from hackers but also protecting your privacy and identity.Security researcher and cryptographer, Dr. Peter Todd, recently published a study on the importance of security for IoT security.Dr. Todd stated that the IoT security landscape is rapidly evolving

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