Inside the U.S. Army’s plan to lure Chinese to the U, and how it is being used to woo a nation’s most loyal allies

On Jan. 1, 2020, the U-S Army began deploying the first of a planned series of high-tech, low-profile military installations to the border with China, the home of nearly 100 million people.

For months, the Army has been quietly promoting the new installations as a boon for the U.-S Army relationship with China.

“We’re building a huge bridge, so to speak, through the entire country,” Col. Scott D. Bales, the military’s acting director of public affairs, told reporters at the time.

“It will be an important tool for the military to communicate directly with the people in this part of the world.”

The plan, known as the Central Route Persuasion Project, or CQP, is the centerpiece of an ambitious $3.2 billion plan to modernize and bolster the U -S Army’s operations in the far south.

“I think the first thing we can say is that the CQPP is an important step toward bringing more U.s. troops and equipment into the region,” Maj. Gen. Chris Pappas, the chief of staff for U.C.L.A., told reporters.

“But it’s also a step toward building a more productive relationship with the Chinese military.”

In March of this year, the Pentagon released the first public image of the C QP, showing a white pickup truck that resembled a military bus with a large U.N. logo on the front.

It was the first time a U.U.S.-Chinese military vehicle had ever been depicted in public.

In May, the Defense Department officially unveiled a new headquarters, the first major infrastructure investment by the Pentagon in the border region since the 1980s.

“The military is going to have to be able to do things that we haven’t been able to,” says Robert Gellman, who has served as an assistant secretary of defense for Pacific Command and a senior adviser to former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

“For instance, we’ve been able in the past to do joint patrols with Chinese troops and Chinese military equipment.

But this will be a new capability, and it will have to work well.”

The $3 billion investment is one of the largest ever undertaken by the U .

S. military.

In the past decade, the United States has deployed more than 40,000 troops in the United Nations Command, which is in the Philippines, and the U S Border Patrol has established more than 1,000 miles of fencing in Texas and New Mexico.

In total, the two agencies have built nearly 1,300 miles of fence in the southern U.A.E. and more than 50 miles of border checkpoints.

For the CQLP, which the Pentagon called “a high-technology communications system for military communications” that would connect the U and Chinese militaries “in a manner that will facilitate communication between the two nations and their military forces,” the Army also plans to build new communications hubs at Camp Schwab in the Dominican Republic, a U .

A.A.-controlled camp that hosts the US. 5th Fleet, and Camp Lejeune, the base of the U 5th Cavalry.

The project is also intended to strengthen the military-to-military relationship between the United states and China.

For years, the China-led government has maintained a tense relationship with Washington, with the U 7th Cavalary stationed in Taiwan.

China has been trying to expand its influence in the region and is reportedly considering deploying additional military forces to the Philippines.

The CQRP will be one of several major initiatives the Pentagon is developing with China to strengthen ties with its most important ally in the South China Sea.

The United States and China have also been in close negotiations on a massive U.O.S., or “one Belt One Road,” project that aims to connect Central and South America, with a planned extension to the Mediterranean Sea.

A joint venture between the U 8th Cavalrry and the Philippine Armed Forces is set to open in 2019, and a Chinese military academy will be established in the U 10th District, a small U.K.-controlled district in the western part of that country.

China is also developing its own naval capabilities in the area, with ships, submarines and patrol boats capable of conducting maritime security operations in international waters off the Philippines and off Taiwan.

“In terms of maritime security, we believe that China has a very good maritime capability in the waters off China, and we believe we can deploy them in the Southeast Asia region as well,” Brig. Gen, Matthew W. Jones, the commander of U. 4th Cavalre, the 5th Army in the Pacific, told Politico.

“There are a number of maritime capabilities in China, so we’re really focused on the areas of maritime access, which are those areas that we can access.”

Development Is Supported By

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