Switch vs router review: Pros and cons

By Steve Kroft and Scott StumpSource| title Switch Vs Router Review: Pros And Cons by Steve Kroton and Scott StrumpRead more| The Switch’s main selling point is its versatility.

It can be used in homes with a TV and a computer, and it can be plugged into any router, as well as connected to the internet via 802.11ac and Bluetooth.

The Switch can also be used as a router, and has Wi-Fi Direct, a feature that allows users to use other devices to connect to the Switch.

However, the Switch can’t handle all types of internet traffic, like streaming video.

The Switch has also come under fire for its price.

The device costs $199 when it goes on sale in July.

Its price tag can add up quickly, especially when you consider that the Switch will likely sell out within a week or two of it going on sale.

The good news for Switch users is that its pricing is reasonable.

With a $200 price tag, you’re getting a device that will last a full year, which is about seven months of your life.

But you’re also getting a great deal when you factor in the company’s price, and its ease of use.

The bad news is that the switch’s price is only part of the reason why people choose the Switch over other routers.

The company has been struggling to convince customers to upgrade to 802.15.4, which has been gaining traction with the internet of things.

While 802.14.4 still holds its own against 802.17.4 and 802.25.4 devices, the company has struggled to convince people to upgrade.

That means it’s unlikely that people will use the Switch as a primary router.

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