Transit workers’ strike postponed by two days

The workers at the Bus Route 1, a subway line in Jerusalem, are now on strike.

Bus Route 1 was scheduled to open on Saturday morning.

However, it has been delayed by two consecutive days.

The strike was postponed by the authorities due to the new security arrangements that have been imposed in Jerusalem following the ongoing unrest in the West Bank.

The workers at Bus Route1 say that the police, security forces and soldiers have increased their presence on the streets of Jerusalem.

The police, the security forces, and soldiers are arresting more and more people.

The strike will be postponed for one more day until further notice, and the workers are calling for a general strike to be held at any time during the strike.

On Thursday, the Transportation Ministry announced the suspension of the new bus routes and the postponement of the strike to Friday.

Bus route 1, which serves the southern part of the city, is scheduled to reopen on Sunday morning.

On Tuesday, the Transport Ministry suspended the bus routes to the north of Jerusalem and the south of Jerusalem as well as the bus service between the northern and southern areas of the City of David.

The suspensions and postponements were part of an overall tightening of security arrangements in Jerusalem.

Bus routes 1, 2, and 3 were to open to public transportation on Friday.

However on Thursday, Transport Minister Yuval Steinitz announced that the service had been suspended.

Bus service between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv was also suspended on Thursday due to security measures.

According to the Israeli Transport Ministry, the extension of the bus route to Tel Aviv, which was originally scheduled to begin on February 28, was delayed due to “security reasons.”

The Israeli Transportation Ministry has recently announced the implementation of a number of measures to control the growth of the Palestinian population in the Israeli capital.

The decision to suspend the Bus Routes to Jerusalem and Jerusalem to Tel, however, is a first step in the implementation.

The measures will continue until the measures are implemented.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) and the United Nations (UN) are urging Israel to immediately resume bus service and the extension to Jerusalem.

The PA and the UN have been pushing for an independent Palestinian state since 1967.

In recent years, Israel has been using the bus system to control increased numbers of Palestinians, who are fleeing from the Palestinian Authority and the ongoing Israeli military operations.

Since the start of the 2014 military offensive in Gaza, a new law has been passed that has granted greater control over Palestinian citizens’ travel.

In addition, Israel’s Civil Administration has been enforcing new restrictions on the rights of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

In the last month, a number to Palestinian residents in the Gaza Strip have been denied the right to enter the territory.

The Israeli authorities have also announced that they are planning to expand the scope of the military operations in the territory, including expanding the operation to the Gaza-based Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, which is under Israeli military control.

The recent spate of attacks against Israeli civilians has further strained the relations between the two countries, as well.

On February 10, Israeli police shot and killed an Israeli-Arab teenager, Gilad Shalit, at a Jerusalem supermarket.

The teen’s killing is the first attack by Israeli forces in the capital since the establishment of the Gaza disengagement agreement in 2014.

Since February, a total of 681 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli security forces.

Israel has responded to the latest wave of attacks by suspending the security of all of its citizens in Jerusalem and its West Bank, as a measure to ensure public safety.

The security measures were announced by the Palestinian government, the UN and the Israeli military.

According the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the restrictions were announced “to prevent terrorist acts and prevent the incitement of violence.”

The measures, however they are not expected to be implemented in full.

The decision to halt the bus services has come at a time when the Israeli government is already facing increasing tensions in the region.

On January 6, a series of deadly attacks in the northern West Bank occurred after a deadly suicide attack on the West Wall, which killed at least 16 people.

On January 12, two Israeli soldiers were killed and five others were wounded when a Palestinian suicide bomber detonated a car bomb in the Old City of Jerusalem, killing five Israelis.

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