Travellers ‘surprise’ to learn they won’t be allowed back to the casino

Travellers have been left disappointed to discover that they will not be able to play casino games at the Traveller’s Paradise casino in Wollongong after the state government decided to restrict the number of days that visitors could stay at the casino.

Auckland Airport had initially announced that visitors who had booked their flight on the day they were supposed to return home would be allowed to play at the resort until the end of November.

However, the decision was later reversed after it was discovered that tourists were allowed to stay for up to 72 hours in their rooms at the time of booking, instead of the planned 60 days.

Travellers who had previously been staying at the hotel had been told they could stay up to a week longer and were advised they could go back to their rooms for another 72 hours.

“The first thing they said to us was that they’d look into it but that’s it,” one Traveller told

“We thought we were going to get a refund for a couple of weeks but then they changed the policy and it’s now gone.”

One traveller told, “They’ve changed the rules, they’ve made a big deal out of it, but the reality is we were supposed for the last week to be able stay there for the weekend, not the next.”

The Department of Transport confirmed it had been working with the hotel management to ensure the casino reopened in November.

The department said it was working to get the casino back into operation as soon as possible.

“Our main priority is to make sure that we can continue to provide the highest quality of gaming experience for the guests and staff at Traveller Resort Casino,” a spokesperson said.

“As soon as the casino is back into business we will work with the casino to ensure that it remains open as planned.”

“We’ll work closely with the Travellers’ Paradise management to make the best possible deal for all our guests and are working with Auckland Airport to work with them to ensure this happens as soon it is possible.”

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