When it comes to Internet speeds, Verizon wins out over cable subscribers in the U.S.

The average Verizon FiOS internet connection is now up to 25 percent faster than a cable connection, and more than 20 percent faster in some areas, according to new data from the company.

But the results aren’t quite as dramatic in some parts of the country, where cable speeds have been rising in recent years.

The FCC has long said FiOS is the best option for connecting homes and businesses, but in the past few years, there’s been some debate about how much it matters.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has said the speed increases don’t have a measurable impact on actual customer experience.

However, it also says the speeds have to be consistent with the cost of building a cable network.

Verizon said FiOs have seen a dramatic increase in the number of customers who have upgraded to FiOS, and they have been more responsive to customers’ complaints than other carriers.

In general, Verizon FiOs in the last few years have seen faster speeds than other cable providers in some of the nation’s most populous areas, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Boston, according the FCC.

But Verizon FiO customers in the Northeast, where FiOS has been around longer, are seeing faster speeds.

According to the FCC data, FiOS FiOs on the New York City, Boston and Philadelphia areas saw speeds of between 18 and 23 percent faster when compared to a cable line, with the Philadelphia area seeing speeds up to 31 percent faster.

In some parts, the speeds are even faster than the average consumer in the suburbs.

In the New Jersey suburbs, FiOs are getting up to 40 percent faster speeds compared to cable lines, and FiOS service in the Philadelphia and New York metro areas is up to 50 percent faster, the FCC said.

Verizon said FiO speeds are generally faster in the more densely populated areas, where there are fewer houses and people in cars.

In areas with fewer houses, FiO connections are faster than cable connections, Verizon said.

In the South, FiOptics FiOS in the Atlanta area has been seeing speeds of up to 30 percent faster for FiOS lines.

The company said that while Verizon FiOptos customers can expect faster service than other providers, there will be some areas where FiO speed increases are still lower.

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