Why is Donald Trump’s new travel ban hurting Americans?

Breitbart News reports: The new travel restrictions imposed by the Trump administration are hurting Americans who are trying to visit the U.S. from the seven Muslim-majority countries named by President Donald Trump on his new travel bans list.

According to a report in The Washington Post, the restrictions are hurting some of those who have already visited the U, such as U.K. tourists who were in the country to visit relatives.

But they are hurting American citizens who are already visiting the U., such as those visiting family members and friends in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait.

The ban also prevents Americans from entering the U and the U-Korea, Iran, Sudan, and Syria from traveling.

According to the report, the U’s embassy in Saudi was closed down by Saudi Arabia after Trump signed his new ban, and American citizens from Saudi Arabia were temporarily barred from entering or traveling to the U in an effort to protect U.A.E. citizens from the ban.

The Post reported that the ban has been widely criticized as unconstitutional and ineffective by international human rights groups.

U.S.-based human rights organization Reprieve, which has criticized Trump’s ban, said the new travel rules are hurting many Americans.

“This new ban is unconstitutional, unenforceable, and likely to exacerbate the already-existing international humanitarian crisis caused by the Saudi blockade,” the organization wrote in a statement.

“While the Trump Administration claims it is only enforcing the travel ban, it has effectively stopped all lawful U.N. and humanitarian access to the United States for people with legitimate travel plans, including U.M.S., U.D.C. residents, and U.T.S.”

The group also said the ban “is likely to cause a humanitarian crisis by depriving thousands of Americans of the basic right to freedom of movement.”

Reprieve also warned that the new ban “will increase the number of displaced people in the U [and] potentially increase the spread of the coronavirus.

It will also increase the burden of caring for those who remain trapped in refugee camps and forced to return to their home countries.”

The group added that the U is currently experiencing a “record” number of cases of coronaviruses, particularly coronaviral hemorrhagic fever, with the number in the United Kingdom exceeding 6,000 per day.

“The Trump Administration is ignoring the overwhelming scientific consensus that coronavirene fever, especially coronaviroctal hemorrhagic fevers, is a public health crisis and that we must act,” Reprieve said in a press release.

“President Trump’s latest travel ban is another example of his failure to heed the scientific consensus on the importance of preventing the spread and transmission of coronivirus.”

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